Hydrogen Peroxide Application Maps Quatsino Sound

December 13, 2017 - Campbell River, B.C.

Marine Harvest Canada is applying for use of hydrogen peroxide (Brand name Interox Paramove 50™) at its Quatsino Sound area farm sites. In accordance with the application process, Marine Harvest is publishing maps of intended use. This application is a renewal of the existing Quatsino Pesticide Use Permit.

Hydrogen peroxide is a new non-medicinal treatment available to BC salmon farmers and is applied as a diluted bath to a group of salmon. The bath removes small, naturally occurring, external fish parasites (sea lice) attached to the salmon. Hydrogen peroxide rapidly breaks down into harmless compounds: water and oxygen.

Paramove 50™ had been used successfully at Marine Harvest's Klemtu operating area, Quatsino Sound operating sites, Port Hardy sites and also at our Campbell River sites.  Single treatments have safely removed 95 per cent of sea lice on the company's farm-raised salmon.

Sea lice are naturally occurring crustaceans found on many fish in the ocean. The sea lice common in British Columbia waters are not a concern to human health, and rarely pose a fish health concern to farm-raised salmon.

The use of Paramove 50™ will enable the company to continue its successful management of sea lice on its fish and reduce its use of the drug emamectin benzoate (Brand name Slice™) - the only effective treatment available to BC salmon farmers for the past 14 years. However, strict 3rd party salmon certification standards press for a continued reduction of Slice™ over time, so we are seeking to have another option for sea lice management.

Marine Harvest Canada is British Columbia's leading aquaculture company and supplier of Sterling brand salmon, producing 40,000 tonnes of fresh farm-raised salmon at sites on and around Vancouver Island.

As per the permit application conditions, maps of the permitted area can be viewed here.