Skretting invests in algae oil breakthrough

20 December, 2016 - Campbell River, B.C.

There is a finite amount of sustainably sourced marine fish oil available in the global market place today. As the global aquaculture industry continues to expand, consistent high quality sources of fish oil as a fish feed ingredient are becoming less available. Skretting, a fish feed company, is a leader in aquafeed research and technology and has recently partnered with Royal DSM and Evonik to develop an algal source of omega-3 oil.

Through over a decade of research and development at the Skretting Aquaculture Research Center, the joint venture team has identified a natural marine algal species capable of being farmed itself, which provides consistent and predictable levels of omega-3 oil containing both EPA and DHA. In nature, EPA and DHA are made by marine microalgae and accumulated through the marine food chain ultimately becoming a component of forage fish oil. This breakthrough algal oil is a natural source of EPA and DHA and removes the need to rely solely on fish oil fisheries as the source of marine Omega-3 fatty acids in salmon and trout feeds.

The algae can be cultivated in a land-based facility, no longer relying on unpredictable wild harvests. When incorporated into fish feeds, this algae oil can yield equal performance to feeds using forage fish oil, in terms of fish growth and health.

When will this algal oil be in your feed? Skretting is in the process of securing registration for the product to be included in its feeds, but it is not yet available in Canada. The algal species is currently undergoing upscale piloting at volumes necessary for the aquaculture industry. Given approval, this new generation of technology in feeds will allow the B.C. aquaculture industry to continue to grow and enable more and more consumers all over the world to benefit from the health-boosting properties of delicious, nutritious, high omega-3 protein like Sterling salmon.

By Matthew Liutkus, Saltwater Account Manager, Skretting

Skretting algal oil