Numbers guy appreciates team approach

August 3, 2016 - Campbell River, B.C.

For Christopher Johnston, Accounts Payable Administrator and all-round numbers guy, the last year at Marine Harvest has been a great experience.

“I had a good relationship with math and numbers in high school. I like logic and problem solving,” Christopher says. As part of his job, he issues cheques, tracks capital expenditure and sorts out employee expenses.

He also enjoys the part of his job that involves building relationships and acting as a go-between for Marine Harvest sites and vendors.

Christopher was born and raised in Gold River, where he parents still live. After graduating from secondary school, he says he had one choice: moving or logging. “So I moved (to Campbell River).” He recently moved again to Comox, where he now lives with his partner.

Christopher used to work full-time at Canadian Tire and continues to work there one day a week in the sports department. In 2011, he enrolled at North Island College and graduated in 2014 with a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA). This qualified him to get an administrator role at MHC.

What he enjoys the most about his job is being able to contribute to growing the company. “I like building relationships with our vendors and being a positive face for them. Everybody is pulling in the same direction and we all succeed as one,” he explains.

He’s an avid reader and enjoys wandering the beach. Christopher is looking forward to September, when he’ll go to Las Vegas with friends. “I’m a family guy and want to be a good reflection on what my parents have done,” he says.

By Gina Forsyth




Christopher Johnston