Message in a bottle

August 29, 2016 - Campbell River

The crew at Humphrey Rock came across a rare find during their monthly beach cleanup, a 15-year-old message in a bottle.

Saltwater technicians Mike Goodman and Erik Overhoff found a message in a bottle which indicated that it was dropped over the side of the Quadra ferry in November 2001.

“We are making efforts to track down the people involved but since one was aged 11 with no last name, and the other is 79, we might not have any luck,” Mike says. “We put the notes back into the bottle, added one of our own, and returned it to the water as we crossed Blackfish Sound. We hope it travels a bit further along the coast.”

The Humphrey Rock crew may never solve the mystery of the authors. Is Peter MacLaurin still enjoying his retirement on Quadra Island? What happened to Josh, the kid with spikey hair, after he wrote the initial note in Vancouver and threw the bottle into the Pacific Ocean?