Company designed RAS now standard

December 7, 2016 - Sayward, B.C.

More than a million Atlantic salmon parr have entered Marine Harvest Canada’s newest and largest recirculating aquaculture system.

MHC Freshwater Director Dean Guest says salmon at the company’s Dalrymple facility were introduced gradually, first 500, then 250,000, stepping up numbers as the flow of water and environment in the tanks was deemed suitable.

 “When we started designing this system two years ago we had a lot of input from across the company so it is an exciting milestone for a lot of our staff,” Dean says.

 “There are some elements left to finish, but generally the system is ready for its designed biomass. Everything seems to be working properly and the fish are in and feeding.”

It is the first of five identical 14m systems to be built between Dalrymple and Big Tree Creek hatcheries. They are based on a 6m system that MHC designed and built in 2014.

One of the design priorities was to minimize noise and clutter, thereby creating a safe and comfortable workplace. They’ve already measured the level of operating noise with good results.

These improvements are a part of the company’s $40 million investment into land-based recirculating aquaculture systems aimed at improving environmental performance and increasing production of smolts ready for seawater entry.

Recirculation uses about one-hundredth of the freshwater as a traditional flow-through aquaculture system.

For photos of the RAS and its builders, view our Facebook page here.

Dalrymple RAS