Two varied jobs for Ed Fellbaum

9 May, 2016 - Campbell River, B.C.

Ed Fellbaum is so enthusiastic about working for Marine Harvest that he has two positions with the company. The first is as a crew truck driver on Monday and Tuesday. This involves picking up farm site staff at home and driving them to Englewood, near Port McNeill, where they catch the crew boats that transports them to the farm sites. “The people I drive with are pretty awesome,” said Ed.

His second job is with the Environmental Department as part of the sampling and monitoring team. They collect data such as bottom samples and current data in close proximity to the site or proposed site. “The work is weather dependent so I’m only on-site on the good weather days,” explained Ed. All samples must be taken from within a specific area based on GPS coordinates and when the weather is excessively windy, boat movement makes accurate sampling impossible. “To farm sustainably we must know what the sea floor looks like”, said Ed, adding that the sampling allows them to understand the sea floor.

Prior to joining Marine Harvest, Ed worked for Aquametrix, an environmental sampling company, and also at Timber West’s sawmill. Way back when Ed also worked in the aquculture industry for what was then BC Packers.

Ed was born in the Ontario mining city of Sudbury. His father was a miner and they moved to Campbell River sight unseen to allow his father to work at Westmin mine. The family stayed in Campbell River for three years and then moved to Courtenay, where Ed and his family now live and where Ed graduated from high school.

Ed has been married to Trina for more than two decades. They have an eight year-old son, Jasper, who participates in gymnastics, hockey and soccer. Trina works for an accounting firm in Courtenay.

By Gina Forsyth

Ed Felbaum