Business update for MHC managers

February 2, 2016 - Campbell River, B.C.

Marine Harvest brought its managers together for one day to review performance and plans for its Canadian business (MHC).

About 90 people assembled at the Maritime Heritage Centre in Campbell River to watch a program of speakers, including three external guests, covering all aspects of the business.

Managing Director Vincent Erenst gave a briefing on the global market for salmon, the performance of Canadian salmon producers, and improvements being implemented over the next four years.

Marine Harvest's Chief Operating Officer for Farming Marit Solberg, via a recorded briefing, identified Canada's prime position to help provide for the steady increase in demand for healthy seafood and acknowledged MHC employees for taking personal responsibility for their fish and sites.

MHC directors provided insight about the company's finances, freshwater and saltwater operations, human resources and safety, environmental certification, fish health, processing, sales and marketing.

City of Campbell River Mayor Andy Adams provided a lunch time talk and thanked the company and its staff for the benefits provided to the region by aquaculture, Skretting's Marketing Manager Gavin Shaw discussed the future outlook for fish feed ingredients and sustainability, and Dr. Jim Powell, Centre for Aquatic Health Science's Executive Director, presented the science behind warming oceans and how this will impact aquaculture.

Mayor Andy Adams