Graduates get out in the field

19 April, 2016 - Campbell River, B.C.

Future fisheries and aquaculture leaders from Vancouver Island University visited Marine Harvest Canada operations at Dalrymple and Okisollo last month. The field trip allowed the graduating students to view both the freshwater and saltwater sides of Atlantic salmon production.

Marine Harvest Canada visits the Vancouver Island University (VIU) campus annually to recruit both summer students and graduates for full time year round employment.  Each year interest from VIU students wanting to work with MHC increases, as they learn the value of a good paying and rewarding career that salmon aquaculture provides.

"We have had exceptional success with the VIU students, both with their technical and practical abilities," says Tina Garlinski-Gonsky, Marine Harvest's Human Resources Manager. "VIU is producing top quality candidates for both our sea site and hatchery operations." 

Last year the company hired eight graduates of VIU's Fisheries and Aquaculture programs, as well as two part-time summer students. This year the company will welcome eight summer students to the team, and is currently hiring full-time employees from the current graduating cohort.  

Marine Harvest also provides annual tours of its freshwater and saltwater operations to Fisheries and Aquaculture students, so the future graduates can learn firsthand about the business of salmon aquaculture.

VIU grads Okisollo