Back to school for MHC managers

16 February, 2016 - Campbell River, B.C.

Investing in people is a priority for Marine Harvest Canada (MHC), so much so that it has developed a management course to grow its new generation of leaders.

Vancouver Island University (VIU) created the two-year course under a joint venture with MHC. It covers subjects including conflict management, performance management, communications, leadership, and change management.

The first 15 graduates were awarded certificates in January. Congratulations are due to Blaine Tremblay, Jeanine Sumner, Andy Haslam, Duane Yates, Craig Sherman, Mike Strasdine, Kelly Osbourne, Doug Knudson, Kristian Fraser, Julio Osorio Fernandez, Meghan Mills, Mike Dobbs, Chris McNeil, Graeme Bull and Tina Gonsky.

They completed all of the modules through face to face training with VIU instructors during work hours and submitted assignments to deadlines, each receiving an individual grade on completion.