Marine Harvest reaps benefit of international IT experience

January 15, 2016 - Campbell River, B.C.

Jeremy Hoover has brought an attention to detail and thoroughness to his position as Systems Administrator that was developed on both the local and the international stage. 

Jeremy was born south of the border, in West Virginia, United States. He has an older brother who remains in the US, along with his dad.

Following high school, Jeremy enlisted in the US Marine Corp at 18, where he remained until he was honorably discharged five years later. He then worked at a Maximum Security Penitentiary in Seattle, WA before transferring into civilian security contract work in Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan. He was able to use his US-earned degree in information technology (IT) to do civilian IT contract work from 2005 to 2011 in Kuwait, with missions to Iraq and Afghanistan in support of the US military.

Prior to joining Marine Harvest, Jeremy worked locally at Seymour Pacific, also in IT, before good old-fashioned networking led to his job at Marine Harvest in June 2014.

I troubleshoot email, cell phones, networking, software and hardware, said Jeremy, adding that “if it has electricity, I’ll attempt it.”  “I do a lot of remote support for the farm sites,” disclosed Jeremy, also saying that he’s on call for back up training in Port Hardy.

The best part of the job for Jeremy is the interaction with the people. From the office to farm sites, hatcheries, and processing, “everybody’s great”.

Love and romance brought Jeremy from Kuwait to Campbell River. He has two boys, aged seven and three, who love being outside, whether it’s golfing, fishing or baseball.

Jeremy has travelled extensively throughout the world, having seen 30 countries thus far. A memorable experience was his 14 day safari in Kenya, Africa, where he was among the fortunate to see the animals known as The Big Five – the African lion, the African elephant, the white rhinoceros, the buffalo, and the leopard. “I also saw a cheetah chase and kill which is a rarity,” enthused Jeremy.

With Jeremy as trainer, Marine Harvest entered a team of 15 into the Tough Mudder obstacle course in June 2015 in Whistler. It’s a group event designed to test physicality and mental strength. The training involved running, push-ups and core exercises. “I taught them that they have to rely on each other to get through the event. We really gelled together,” Jeremy said, proudly. The team finished with a time of 3 hours and 42 minutes.