Definition of “family” includes aquaculture and volunteer work in Port Hardy

February 10, 2016 - Port Hardy, B.C.

A fulltime career, fatherhood, and several volunteering commitments keeps Chris Ranger busy these days. Chris calls Port Hardy home, as does his immediate and extended family.

Chris graduated from Port Hardy Secondary School, before dabbling in several careers paths that included playing hockey, logging, and driving a cab. He began working with Omega Salmon Group (now Marine Harvest) in 1997 and now has worked at most of the company’s salmon farm sites near his hometown.

For Chris, working on the farm is more than the sums of its parts such as feeding fish, recording keeping, and pulling nets. He speaks of the fish under his care as “raising lots and lots of kids.” And just like with human kids, “sometimes you have sleepless nights.”

“Every day I’m on the farm, it’s different. I love the smell of the salt water,” adding that “if you’re not ready for change in this industry, it’s going to be a challenge for you to adapt.”

On his days off Chris loves to wet a line. “I’ve been fishing ever since I was old enough to hold a rod. Being able to fish all year round is the best thing about living here." Chris enjoys moonlighting as a fishing guide for Tides and Tales Sport Fishing Adventures during his summer vacations.

Chris donates his spare time to the annual Port Hardy Ducks Unlimited dinner, which raises funds for local habitat protection. “My aunt and uncle are involved and I decided to step up. It’s an opportunity to make a difference locally and also for people to become familiar with what Ducks Unlimited does.”

Chris is also proud to volunteer as a firefighter with the Port Hardy district. “It’s about helping people,” says Chris. “It’s another family and we take care of each other, just like at Marine Harvest.”

He and his girlfriend enjoy spending time with their four kids. The busy family schedule includes many sporting activities including hockey, highland dancing, trampoline, and soccer.

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