From Construction to Operation

A couple of months ago, some of the office staff at Campbell River were given the opportunity to have a tour of the new barge for the Robertson Island sea site. The barge was still nearing completion but it was a great opportunity to appreciate the scale, craftmanship and technical innovation that goes into a modern feed and accommodation barge.

It was delivered to site in late June and has been operationally connected to the site and is now ready to run all ancillary equipment for the day to day production cycle.

The barge is set up for 6 people to comfortably live at site, if required, and there is a total capacity for 500 tons of feed to be stored within it. The automated centralized feeding system will be set up to feed fish remotely if employees are unable to reach the site due to weather constraints. The staff will be able to log in and start power generation equipment and then begin feeding fish from the safe haven at the camp located a short distance away. It also has a centralized camera system that allows the operators to see the entire farm from above and below the water.

This is a great new asset for the site and will support the growing of great fish for years to come.