Plankton Management Workshop

Representatives from across Marine Harvest’s farming operations gathered in Campbell River at the end of August to talk plankton. The hard work done by Marine Harvest Canada over the years developing and refining the process for plankton management has been recognised as the best in the business.


Other operations were keen to learn and our experts were happy to share the knowledge. Participants from Norway, Scotland, Ireland and Chile visited the Phillips Arm and Lees Bay sites as a part of the workshop. Jay Pudota, Water Quality Manager at Marine Harvest Canada, was delighted to be able to host the workshop. “What we do here in MHC is best in terms of plankton management. We were asked to share the knowledge with other business units., so we invited concerned people from each business unit and organized the workshop.

“The aim was to develop a QMarine Best Practice for plankton and jellyfish management and that purpose was fulfilled. We also shared our knowledge and trained the participants in plankton management.

 "I hope this workshop helped the participants bring some new knowledge back to their business units," remarked Jay.

Catarina Martins from Global R&D, David McGillivray, Ian Fraser and Lucy Munro from Scotland, Lene Stokka from Norway, Abdon Ryan from Ireland and Alvaro Perez, Pamela Urrutia and Marco Olguin from Chile attended the event, joined by Jay Pudota, Rodrigo Cristi and Mykolas Kamaitis from Canada.