Children’s charities close to our hearts and homes

January 19, 2018 - Campbell River, B.C.

By Dean Dobrinsky, Human Resources Director

We have a young workforce, many of whom are working parents. Occasionally, health issues occur with children that require Marine Harvest employees to travel to the larger cities for diagnosis and treatment, and this places an enormous strain on working families. It is a stressful time emotionally and financially. As individuals we often pull together to support our colleagues who are suffering with child health problems.

To help our families at times of need, Marine Harvest is pleased to make two new significant donations to children’s health charities.

We have made a large donation to the Children’s Health Society of Vancouver Island who operate Jeneece Place at Victoria General Hospital. Jeneece Place provides accommodation for all families with children under 19 needing medical treatment.

A second donation has been made to Cameryn’s Cause, a local society which raises money to support travel, and associated expenses for families with sick children in Campbell River.


Jeneece Place - Victoria, B.C. - Photograph By DARREN STONE, Times Colonist

Jeneece Edroff - Jeneece Place, Victoria, B.C.

For more information on how these two groups can help families, please use the links below and share them with anyone within or outside Marine Harvest who is suffering from childhood illnesses.