Changing times in Quatsino

Changes come in cycles and that is never more true than in salmon farming. From stocking through to harvest the constant demands of looking after the fish and ensuring that the staff have the best resources to do the best job means that there is little opportunity for significant change. The fallow period, once last fish from the previous generation have been harvested and before the new generation arrives, provides an opportunity for more significant changes.

At our Mahatta East and West sites in Quatsino sound the fallow period will bring a bigger than normal change as new pens are arriving.  The different design of pen, circular rather than square, will be used which will bring with it changes in the way the site will operate. Whilst the pens will be arranged in a previously approved layout there will be no change to the number of fish grown, however the changes will be enough to keep the team busy readying the site for the arrival of the new generation of fish.

The planning and preparation for the change has been underway for quite some time behind the scenes, with permissions required from provincial departments as well as from local First Nation partners.  With the logistics of removing old pens and bringing in new ones well underway the last details are being sown up, a recent application to allow the anchors of the site to extend further has meant that final applications are still in process. Not critical for operating the site but allowing the site extra security in the event of a major storm.

Once the final details are resolved the site staff can get everything set up, get used to their new equipment and settle back into the routine of giving their new fish the best possible start in their new home.