Team Blue Revolution

June 7, 2017 - Campbell River, B.C.

Marine Harvesters proudly took part in British Columbia’s Bike to Work initiative last week.

Team Blue Revolution was made up of five employees from the Campbell River corporate office.  Together they notched up 385 kilometres, burned 11,540 calories and saved 83 kilograms of greenhouse gases.

We kept our top ten local ranking in 2017, despite losing "The Flying Dutchman", former Sayward hatchery employee Jacob Koomen (who has started his retirement by riding across Canada, see Campbell River Mirror story).

Best of all, Team Blue Revolution included some new bikers. Renée Hamel bought a bike specifically for commuting and was caught cruising down the Elk River Timber (ERT) road all the way to the office.

Team captain Gary “ERT-all-the-way” Knowles says: “There’s no excuse not be riding to work in Campbell River. World class trails, thigh-burning hills, ocean views and fresh sea breezes, we’ve got all the elements that make biking to work a pleasure.”

Renee Hamel