Tanks, for the tanks

June 19, 2017 - Oyster River, B.C.

The volunteers from Oyster River Enhancement Society are excited to be recycling tanks and equipment no longer required at Marine Harvest’s  United Hatchery.

Oyster River Enhancement Society (ORES) receives annual financial support from Marine Harvest for capital projects, but one of the most valuable donations is outdated equipment from British Columbia’s largest salmon producer.

ORES volunteers have been picking over “the boneyard” at Marine Harvest’s United Hatchery near Fanny Bay. Recently they scored two tanks, heath trays and buckets full of PVC fittings.

ORES president Ron Gammie says they will install the tanks in a channel to hold Chinook salmon (aka “springs”) broodstock in good condition until their eggs ripen. 

“Our springs are not ripe, they are heading further up the Oyster River to spawn, and if we have to hold them in the traps they are frequently disturbed and easily spooked,” Ron explains.

He says it was no easy feat bringing the tanks, with diameters of 12 foot and 8 foot, down the highway to their new home in a hunting trailer.

The volunteers are also excited to receive stack of new heath trays, especially because of their plans to build a new egg incubation building this year.

Marine Harvest has kicked in $3000 for the incubation building, to complement funding from the Pacific Salmon Foundation.

ORES tanks

Ron Gammie in front of the 12 foot tank

PVC fittings always come in handy at enhancement facilities


ORES manager Lyle Edmunds with the recycled heath trays