Something to think about: Marine Harvest employees

November 3, 2017 - Campbell River, B.C.

By Ian Roberts, Director of Public Affairs, Marine Harvest Canada

Our company has been in the news lately. Quite a bit, actually. We’ve responded to media questions about Sea Shepherd activist videos, First Nation engagement, people illegally trespassing on our worksites, and concerning statements made by politicians. Media reports can be read online – I won’t spend my 200 words with our responses.

What isn’t communicated in media reports is our employee’s response to what I consider workplace harassment and intimidation. Quite simply, staff’s reaction has been nothing but respectful, patient and professional.

Farm staff live hours away from civilization and from their families. Picture yourself working on a remote floating structure, watching boats filled with activists drift toward you. They enter your legal and permitted worksite: some just yell at you, others with cameras try to bait you into confrontation, and some decide to set up make-shift camps on your workspace as a daily reminder of their dislike for your business.

Staff have been so patient – allowing people to demonstrate. But they’ve had enough now, and rightly so. We have clearly asked trespassers to leave and to meet with us respectfully to discuss their disagreement. We will continue to seek legal means to make that happen.

Activists are allowed to have opinions, however it would be nice if those opinions were based on fact and their actions respected Canadian law. Intimidation, harassment and trespass are not “peaceful” as advertised, and no employee in Canada should have to put up with it.