Something to think about: auditing our farms

August 8, 2017 - Campbell River, B.C.

By Ian Roberts, Director of Public Affairs, Marine Harvest Canada

At the end of July, the U.S. based Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and other activists announced their intent to once again “audit” our salmon farms in the coming weeks.

Last summer, for six weeks, our staff experienced activists trespassing at their workplace, taking intrusive photographs and video with zoom lenses and low-flying drones, and posting flat-out lies on the internet.

And, as always, our employees responded with patience, understanding, and politeness. I commend Marine Harvest employees for their restraint.

Despite the 2016 activist campaign being labelled as science, not one single piece of science has ever been published.

But let’s revisit that “audit” bit. Every concern about our business raised by Sea Shepherd is covered by several legitimate audits of our operations that ensure we operate responsibly and our fish are healthy.

We are licensed, regulated and audited by our Federal and Provincial governments.

We voluntarily audit our operations to several well-respected third-party certification standards that cover social and environmental responsibilities, fish health, food safety, and worker safety.

Audit results are posted online, for everyone to see. We also invite neighbours to observe our operations, and to learn about rapid improvements to our business.

So, thanks for the offer Sea Shepherd, but our auditing needs are taken care of by auditors focused on our operations, not public opinion and fundraising.