Something to think about: provincial election

April 13, 2017 - Campbell River, B.C.

By Ian Roberts, Director of Public Affairs, Marine Harvest Canada

I confess: when I became old enough to vote, I didn’t. And when I began to vote in my twenties, I just voted for the candidate whose name I could remember on the campaign sign nearest the elections office. I may as well have flipped a loonie. I fully admit that I was not a vital contributor to our democratic society. 

But then as I grew into my career as a salmon farmer I started to realize that the political party in power can affect my livelihood – for better or for worse. So I became much more involved in asking candidates how they would personally support my career, and clarifying their political party’s platform regarding salmon farming in British Columbia.

Marine Harvest Canada employs 530 families who mainly reside in the middle and north regions of Vancouver Island. It’s a massive area with only two electoral districts represented provincially or federally, so those 530 family votes have a huge influence on who represents our careers in Victoria or Ottawa.

A huge influence…if we vote.

Liberal? Green? NDP? Independent? Who should represent you in Victoria? It’s absolutely your choice on May 9th.

But here's the kicker. There are political parties and candidates who demand salmon farms be removed from the ocean, effectively ending our jobs. You should know who these people are.

So ask your candidate the important questions. Talk to your friends, colleagues, and family. Don’t just think about it – actually do it. Make your vote count in British Columbia’s election on May 9th.