Observing a fish health inspection

May 6, 2017 - Campbell River, B.C.

Representatives from the We Wai Kai (Cape Mudge) and Wei Wai Kum (Campbell River) Nations visited Hardwicke Island in April to observe a routine fish health inspection.

A-Tlegay fisheries biologist Jim Meldrum and technicians Shane Pollard and Brent Smith watched Marine Harvest’s veterinarian, Dr. Diane Morrison, classify mortality and biologist Brad Boyce do sea lice counts.

Diane and Brad explained how the regular inspections by Marine Harvest’s fish health team complement the daily monitoring by farm staff.

They also discussed the random governmental fish health inspections which help maintain confidence in the in-house fish health reporting systems.

Fish health
Shane Pollard and Jim Meldrum look on as Brad Boyce searches for sea lice