Mainlander makes move to aquaculture

March 23, 2017 - Campbell River, B.C.

By Gina Forsyth

It was an invitation from family to live in Campbell River that brought Sargeaunt’s Pass Assistant Manager Alex Romano to Vancouver Island, and playing soccer that led him to work for Marine Harvest.

When Alex arrived in town, he joined the Marine Harvest soccer team. After talking to team mates who worked in the company, he applied for an entry level position as a sea site technician.

“I wanted to try something new so I put in a resume and a few months later I started at farm sites in the Port Hardy region.”

Although Alex didn’t bring aquaculture experience to Marine Harvest, transferable skills such as problem solving, working well with others and a strong work ethic helped smooth his way into a new industry. Six months ago he was promoted to Assistant Manager at Sargeaunt’s Pass farm in the Broughton operating area.

His management responsibilities include record keeping, training, assigning daily tasks and rotating staff from job to job to ensure each person on the site is comfortable doing the full range of necessary work. He works closely with Site Manager Brad Marsili to ensure they’re growing the best possible fish.

Alex was born and raised in North Delta and graduated from high school in 2000. He had worked in the automotive and financial services industry before joining Marine Harvest in April 2012. “It was a big change for me but I fell in love with the area,” says Alex. “I love being outside. Even on your worst day, there’s still wildlife going by,” he adds.

Last fall, Alex’s older sister followed the family trend, moving to Campbell River with a set of five year old twins.

“My brother-in-law is still working on the mainland but is currently searching for work on the island and is travelling back and forth on the weekends,” he says. “We have just finished renovations on my rental townhouse and they are moving into it until they find a place to buy in town.”

“The twins are taking up a lot of my time now but I wouldn’t want it any other way. I love having kids in my life and I am excited to be able to show them the things that made me fall in love with Campbell River,” he says.

Alex’s hobbies include quadding, playing indoor and outdoor soccer, and camping.

Alex Romano

Alex Romano with his niece and nephew Anna and Brady Sanderson.