Eagle has landed at MARS

June 22, 2017 - Quatsino, B.C.

When Dave Guzda and Josh Tucker noticed a wounded bald eagle on the shoreline near their workplace in Quatsino Sound, British Columbia, they knew they had to help but weren’t sure what to do. So they called Vancouver Island’s bird rescue centre, Mountainaire Avian Rescue Society (MARS), to ask for advice and direction.

“Reg Westcott at MARS was great and in detail explained how we could safely capture it and transport it down to him for much needed care,” said Dave Guzda. “So with a towel, heavy duty gloves and a rubber made tote I was able to safely get my hands on it and get it in the tote for travel.”

After being transported in several boats to the small village of Quatsino, the bird still had a three hour crew bus ride before his final trip in Dave’s truck that landed him safely with Reg at MARS.  

Reg, who is the Supervisor of Wildlife Care at MARS, noticed right away that the eagle had silver talons which he believes comes from a rare blood line. He also realized the eagle really was in bad shape, was starving, with a potential wing fracture and an injured leg, possibly received during a fight that can be typical during the aggressive breeding season.

Naming the bird “Mahatta” (after a local river near the place the eagle was found), Dave and Josh will be keeping in touch with MARS and are hoping the silver talon eagle has a full and speedy recovery. 



Mahatta Eagle