Carihi flyfishing club

June 21, 2017 - Campbell River, B.C.

Students at Campbell River's Carihi Secondary School enjoyed a day of catch and release fishing for rainbow trout on the Elk River.

Teacher Nicolas Pisterzi formed a fly-fishing club at the school to share his passion for the sport and to make it more accessible to the students.

"It can be an expensive sport when you look at the cost of waders, rod, reel and fly line. By forming a club we were able to attract some donations and sponsorships that allow young fishers to get out into the rivers," Pisterzi says.

The first excursion for the club with Marine Harvest was held on Tuesday. Marine Harvest Purchasing Manager Gary Knowles and Keith Richford from local supplier Akva happily volunteered to join the Carihi group.

“The day brought sun and smiles. Most importantly, it was a way for students to put studying aside and enjoy the outdoors with some of their fly-fishing mentors,” Pisterzi remarked.

The group caught and released more than 30 rainbow trout and was able to make some lasting memories for those who are graduating from Carihi this year.

“I feel very lucky to have local fly-fshing mentors help me and the students, and I’m also grateful for the opportunity Marine Harvest was able to provide for us that day.

Elk River flyfishingElk River flyfishingElk River flyfishing