Aquaculture at its best at Glacier Falls

August 15, 2017 - Campbell River, B.C.

By Gina Forsyth

Glacier Falls Assistant Manager Chris Mathews has been around boats all his life, thanks to his father who ran a yacht chartering business. That familiarity has gone a long way in his employment with Marine Harvest.

Chris was born in Calgary, Alberta, and the family moved to Vancouver Island in 1981, when he was five. He graduated from high school in Duncan and moved to Courtenay in 2000.

After working for a year as a tow truck driver where he was busy and on call 24/7, it was time for a new opportunity. In 1998, a friend told him about Stolt Sea Farm and Chris was intrigued.

“I’d never heard of aquaculture before. It was a completely new thing for me but I loved it,” he says.

He worked for five years as a farm technician in the Broughton region before accepting responsibility for the operation of work boats, including the Polar Star and the Iron Maiden.

Chris also worked on sites in the Quatsino region for 12 years, seven of them running the Decibel work boat, which assisted harvesting and setting up plankton mitigation equipment.

Now as assistant manager, Chris is responsible for staff training, organizing everybody’s work day and record keeping for daily tasks as well as company audits. Chris and the rest of his staff are busy with new fish the site recently received and “weaning them onto the automatic feeder”.

Chris is a “dad on all levels”, with a 23 year-old and a five year-old. When not fathering, Chris enjoys music with friends, camping, and fishing.

Chris Mathews