A chance to learn in Klemtu

By Chris Tomasi

I have had some amazing opportunities in my time with Mowi. I started on the sea sites in the Campbell River area and then moved to the sites in Port Hardy. After over five years on the farms I put in for a position at the Port Hardy Processing Plant where I’m proud to work with the great team there as a Floor Supervisor. This led to a great opportunity to take a shift up in Klemtu and work at the processing plant. What an amazing place! That area is one of the most beautiful that I have got to work in.

The main reason for my trip was to learn more about the running of the Klemtu plant –  to understand some of the processes there that are different to the ones I know from Port Hardy. There has been a little bit of sharing resources between the two plants in the past and it makes sense that there are people who know the processes in both places so that we have the capacity to deal with the unexpected. I’m always keen to learn and this was a great opportunity.

The crew in Klemtu are amazing, and with them I was able to see the whole process. I was able to be on a harvest with the Nicole Joye, which brought back memories from my days on the farm. Being out there made me think about how much I missed working on the water, but the 65 knot winds that hit a few days later reminded me that I didn’t miss it that much! In the plant, I was blown away by the skill and hard work; the hands on nature of the process there means that there are skills in use that have been lost in the automation of Port Hardy. The passion and teamwork of the team there was just the same as I know from Port Hardy. We’ve all got the same goal at the end of day: processing the great product that the farms work hard to grow, as efficiently as possible.